Committed to Improving the “Quality of Life” of the Opportunity deprived


Students Trained


Employed Successfully




Increase in earning capacities


Families financially secured

Skills Offered

  • Fitter
  • Welder
  • Turner
  • Wireman
  • CNC Operator
  • VMC Operator
  • COPA

Skills Offered

  • App Development
  • Web Technologies
  • Engineering Design
  • Tally – ERP9

Skills Offered

  • Dress Making
  • Embroidery
  • Henna Design
  • Crochet Work
  • Beautician


Eye Camps


Patients Screened


Eyeglasses Disbursed


Cataract Surgeries


Students Supported





Primary to Post Grad.


  • Non Formal Education Center
  • Understanding Capacities
  • Building Capabilities
  • Fully Residential

Sarjan wants to educate not just the minds of children but also their hearts as it will empower them to earn their livelihood and lead a dignified life. We provide support to opportunity deprived students through scholarships and coaching. Life skills training, value-based education, leadership skills, yoga and meditation are some of the additional benefits the students get.

Balwadis BADRI, Siholi Scholarship support

Pre-school education forms the foundation of a child’s learning. Sarjan runs preschool Balwadis (Kindergartens) in two villages near Prantij in Sabarkantha District.

Besides imparting basic literacy, the Balwadis prepare the kids for further education.

  • 1308

  • Kids benifited

BADRI (Benevolent Accelerated Development and Reconstruction Initiative) is a residential centre for learning for 10- 11 years old from disadvantaged sections of society to provide them with value-based education, life skills, expression skills and a vocational skill to earn a sustainable living after graduating from the program. By understanding Capabilities, Capacities, Interest and Inclination towards Academics, Sports, Theatre, Arts, Drama, Music or other vocational skills, curated inputs can be provided, thus honing the skill sets of the kids. Enabling these kids in the environment of joyful learning by grouping them into cohorts according to their learning levels rather than their age is our constant focus.

The centre is located in Moti Siholi village Near Chiloda, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
With an aim to promote care and healthy physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural, aesthetic, ethical and spiritual growth of the primary school children and to encourage them to stay on and complete schooling, we conduct remedial classes for the kids of Moti Siholi village in the age group 6-14 years.

Sarjan believes that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world and to create change leaders. Sarjan strives to extend its support to students by providing them with fees, hostel expenses, learning resources etc. To encourage students to continue their education, Sarjan provided scholarship support to 823 (404 boys + 419 girls) students in Primary to Post Graduate level including professional courses between 2004 and 2016. Over 70 % of the beneficiaries hail from the severe opportunity deprived section of society like daily wagers, cobblers, tailors, rickshaw drivers and orphans.

Besides these, Sarjan provides notebooks, drawing books and map books to hundreds of children of primary schools.

  • 823

  • Students got Scholarship support
  • 16

  • Post-Graduates
  • 32

  • Graduates
  • 6

  • Diploma

Sarjan Foundation organizes eye check-up  camps in the rural hinterland of Prantij in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat, to ensure that people have proper eyesight.

Eye Camps

Sarjan conducts around 30 eye check-up camps every year in the interior rural areas in northern Gujarat. Lack of financial assistance compels the people out there to suffer from blindness throughout their lives. Sarjan tries to bridge the gap by providing low-cost affordable eye care support. Those identified with faulty vision are provided with numbered specs at a nominal price of ₹40. Sarjan also facilitates cataract surgery with lens implant for the ones in need, free of charge at the nearby speciality hospital.

  • 211

  • Eye camps organized
  • 88165

  • Spectacles were provided
  • 8557

  • Cataract surgeries
  • 155380

  • Patients examined

Sarjan runs various employment linked skill enhancement programs for the opportunity deprived youth from socio-economically weaker sections of society. The objective is to build capabilities that help them take up livelihood opportunities.

MARG, Rampura Vadala RFS Tech. Centre, Palanpur Art & Craft Centre, Prantij

With an aim to provide a sustainable livelihood opportunity to the tribal youth Sarjan Foundation in 2007, started a vocational training institute called MARG (Hindi for ‘Path’) – A centre for learning life & livelihood skills in Amirgadh, a village in Banaskantha district of Gujarat state in India. Sarjan started imparting skills that help youngsters improve their quality of life, no matter what background they come from. By combining hard skills and humane skills, the mission of Sarjan is to create kind, compassionate, trained and effective humans.

The centre presently trains students in Welding, Electrical wiring, Mechanical fitting, Turning, CNC lathe Machine-CNC Vertical Milling Machine and Computer operator trades. It offers both short-term (35 days to 9 months duration) and long-term (1 and 2 years duration) training courses. Some of its courses are NCVT certified. Boarding facilities are available.

  • 2446

  • Youths trained
  • 1859

  • Youths placed
  • 320

  • Rural Entrepreneurs
  • 72

  • Not in Contact
  • 187

  • Students went for higher studies
  • 8

  • Under-age

While educating a child is the first step out of poverty, it is not the last. As education becomes more readily available to this generation, many students are graduating from universities. However, the job market is not growing commensurately and competition for jobs is getting tougher. For every 400,000 graduates ready to enter the workforce, only 80,000 find formal employment.

Robert F. Smith Technology Centre, Palanpur – For Reorientation & Development of IT & Soft Skills was set up in 2015 to enable graduates, mostly from the humble strata, to overcome their shortcomings and gain employable skills. It provides training in web technology (PHP), engineering design (Auto CAD), mobile application development (Android) and Tally Erp-9. Students are also taught basic financial literacy, soft skills, social responsibility as well as workplace behaviour.

  • 1244

  • Youths trained
  • 79

  • Under Training
  • 752

  • Youths Placed
  • 377

  • Youths  prosecuting higher Studies

Women of Prantij, a semi-urban area in northern Gujarat had always been involved in household work and never had the opportunity to learn any other skills.

With an aim to make women self-reliant, dignified members of the society by imparting training in useful skills, an Art & Craft centre was established by Sarjan in Prantij in 2011.

It offers skill training in tailoring, embroidery, mehndi or henna application, beauty parlour, crochet work/macramé work.
Over 850 women have got training in different areas and earn a sustainable income for their families.

  • 1100+

  • women have got training
  • 250

  • Women Entrepreneurs

About Us

Sarjan Foundation is a not for profit organisation committed to improving the quality of life of the opportunity deprived. It firmly believes that the opportunity deprived tends to fall by the wayside and hence either get or remain marginalized. Further the chances of these youngsters getting addicted to alcoholism or taking to crime increases manifold. Sarjan organizes various programmes directly benefiting over 18,000 opportunity deprived every year, through its welfare projects in education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment. Sarjan is helping bring about this change in over 200 remote villages across the state of Gujarat. Sarjan Foundation is surging ahead in its mission by imparting training in contemporary vocations, providing financial assistance to identified school and college going students and assisting other activities that help the targeted beneficiaries.

“Blessed are those whose bodies get destroyed in the service of others.”

– Swami Vivekananda


To strive for building up a civil society, grounded in our cultural heritage & value system and living in harmony with nature.


Sarjan’s mission is to sow the seeds of Love & Compassion, building Fraternity and providing a sense of direction and purpose to the rudderless young boys and girls from tribal, rural and urban clusters through imparting life and work skills.

Our Centers

Sarjan Foundation is able to reach its beneficiaries through its various centres which act as the platform to conduct its various activities. Details of various centres are

Rampura Vadala

Robert F Smith Tech Centre


Arts & Craft Centre

  • MARG Rampura Vadala
  • Robert F Smith Tech Centre Palanpur
  • BADRI Siholi
  • Arts & Craft Centre Prantij
MARG Rampura Vadala

Rampura Vadala

A state of art private ITI centre in the tribal belt of Banaskantha District offering skills training for grooming dropped out and less educated youngsters in hard skills with NCVT certification and own certification completely free of cost.

Trades Offered:

  • Turner
  • Fitter
  • Welder
  • Wiremen
  • CNC – Lathe Machine Operator
  • VMC Operator
  • Computer Operator & Programming Assistant

Duration of Courses:

35 days to 2 years

Special Features:

  • 2446 candidates trained so far since 2007.
  • 1859 candidates are placed with industry so far
  • 320 candidates are self employed
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Cost Per Beneficiary: INR 50,000 per year (Includes training, full boarding)
  • Address At & Post Rampura
    Taluka: Amirgadh
    Dist: Banaskantha
  • Contact Person Bhupendra Prajapati
  • Contact Number +91 9375761920
  • Email Address
  • Timing 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Robert F Smith Tech Centre Palanpur

Robert F Smith Tech Centre

Robert F Smith Technology Centre, Palanpur – For Reorientation & Development of IT & Soft Skills was set up in 2016 to enable youth graduates mostly from the humble strata to overcome their shortcomings and gain employable skills.

Trades Offered:

  • Web technology (PHP)
  • Engineering design (Auto CAD)
  • Mobile application development (Android)
  • Tally Erp-9

Duration6 Months

Special Features:

  • 1244 candidates trained so far
  • 752 candidates got good placements with industry so far
  • 40 candidates are self employed and working as freelance designers/developers
  • 377 candidates went for higher studies
  • 100% placement assistance.

Special Modules on Basic financial literacy, Soft skills, Workplace behaviour.

Cost per beneficiary per course: INR 15,000

  • Address Basement of Ashok Avenue, Opposite Hyundai Showroom, Palanpur - Abu Road Highway, Palanpur, Banaskantha, Gujarat - 385001
  • Contact Person Priyanka Joshi
  • Contact Number +91 9099432271
  • Email Address
  • Timing 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
BADRI Siholi


The aim is to create a set of sensitive students who are physically, intellectually, culturally, aesthetically developed. The proposed pedagogy devolves the concept of classes and encourages children learning at their own pace with some nudging. Essentially expression/articulation (both written and spoken) along with mathematical rigour will be the backbone. Multi-skilling or at least skilling will be a must. Great emphasis will be laid on sports, music and cultural activities.

Duration: 6-8  years

Intake: 50 kids every year

Input Age: 10-11 years old

Xth & XIIth certificate from National Institute of Open Schooling.

Cost per beneficiary  per year: INR 40,000.00 (Includes education, training, full boarding, clothes & books)

75+  kids are happily staying and learning with us.

New batch starts  in June.


  • Address Moti Siholi, Chilloda, Gandhinagar, Gujarat - 382355
  • Contact Person Aditya Kumar
  • Contact Number +91 9978147949
  • Email Address
  • Timing 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Arts & Craft Centre Prantij

Arts & Craft Centre

Arts and Crafts Training Centre for skilling women in the semi-urban area of Prantij to make them self-reliant dignified members of the society.

Trades Offered:

  • Sewing Class
  • Embroidery,
  • Mehndi or henna application,
  • Beauty parlour,
  • Crochet work/ macramé work,

Duration: 3 months

Over 1100 women have got training under different courses and earning a sustainable income for their families.

 Cost Per Beneficiary: Rs 7,500.00
  • Address Seth Vada
    Near Bajar Chok,
    At P.O. Ta. Prantij, Sabarkantha
    Gujarat - 383205
  • Contact Person Ashokh Parmar
  • Contact Number +91 9879079699
  • Email Address
  • Timing 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

road so far


Skill Development

  • Rampura Vadala campus – 500 per annum
  • Trades offered – Fitter, Turner, Welder, Wireman, CNC machine & VMC machine operator and Computer programming assistant.
    • One/ Two-year  programs – 210
  • Prantij centre – 160 per annum
  • Trades offered – Tailoring, Beautician and Crafts
    • Three months short-term programs – 40
  • Palanpur centre – 160 per annum
  • Trades offered – Engineering design, Mobile app development and Tally
    • Six-month short-term programs – 80


  • Gandhinagar Campus – 50 Per Annum 
  • Residential learning program for kids of age group (11- 16 years )
  • Total no of Kids at campus – 99



  • 2440 students have graduated so far from MARG, Rampura Vadla.
    • 100% operating successfully
    • 92% placed in jobs at market salaries
    • 8% have become entrepreneurs
    • Over 75% are in constant touch with the foundation.
  • 1100+ rural women trained at Art & Craft centre, Prantij.
    • 192 of them are self-employed.
    • The rest use these skills to supplement their household income

Health & Education Support

  • Held 330+ eye camps in remote locations so far.
    • Served over 2,39,000 patients.
    • Disbursed over 1,35,000 prescription glasses.
    • Over 16,900 cataract surgeries performed.
  • Over 800 students provided financial assistance, K-12 to higher education.
  • 1300+ kids got to benefit from Balwadis in Prantij.


Sarjan Foundation is surging ahead in its mission. With a training capacity of 54 candidates in 2007, we have now reached to 500 + candidates annually. A Residential centre of learning at Siholi, Gandhinagar to provide skilling in the “right area at the right level” is operational.

By understanding Capabilities, Capacities, Interest, and Inclination towards Academics, Sports, Theatre, Arts, Drama, Music, or other vocational skills, curated inputs can be provided. Thus honing the skill sets of the kids. Enabling these kids in environment of joyful learning by grouping them into cohorts made according to their learning levels rather than their age is our constant endeavor.

Enhancing Skills: Sarjan Foundation aims at providing  training into futuristic skills which shall help the youth get sustainable employment opportunities and living life with dignity.

Touching more lives: Sarjan Foundation believes in reaching out to more and more people in need. We plan to open more such training centres all over India where learning never stops and it is accessible to all.

Building Stronger Social Fabric: With urbanisation speeding up and cities getting crowded, SF believes in strengthening our roots. To improve the social fabric of our country, it is necessary to uplift rural India. SF aims to train youth in entrepreneurship and other related skills, equip them with technical knowledge where they go back to their village and generate sustainable  income opportunities for themselves and others.


In Sarjan, we believe each individual can contribute and support in building a compassionate and secure society. Your time and initiative are deeply valued and appreciated. There are a number of initiatives, campaigns, events and projects of Sarjan, within our health, education and livelihood programs. Your voluntary support is very welcome.

Become A Volunteer

The foundation welcomes your support and help in every way. Thank you for showing your interest to volunteer with us.

You can volunteer from remote too!!


Let’s hear from some of the direct beneficiaries under different programs/activities conducted by Sarjan Foundation.

Board Members

The board of Sarjan comprises philanthropic-minded persons ranging from retired High Court lawyers, bureaucrats, industrialists who have great vision, social inclination and devotion towards giving back to society for the greater good.

Dr. Jayanti Ravi, IAS

Dr. Jayanti Ravi, IAS

A scientist, civil servant, author, administrator, widely travelled development practitioner

Know More
Hemangini Sinha

Hemangini Sinha

A Social Entrepreneur

Know More
Savji Dholakia

Savji Dholakia

Founder and Chairman of Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Know More
Shailesh Patwari

Shailesh Patwari

President, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry & Chairman, Nexus Infratech P. Ltd.

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Vasant Shah

Vasant Shah

Ex. Executive Director, Torrents Ltd

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Ravi Gopalan

Ravi Gopalan

A software Architect

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Bhalchandra R. Shah

Bhalchandra R. Shah

Highly experienced Sr. Advocate (Retd.), Gujarat High Court, now Managing Trustee, Sarjan Foundation

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